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I came for the treatment of my 5.5 year old son Aryan and was made very comfortable by Dr Khushboo. Will be continuing any future treatment at Sorriso Dental Care only!
Mr Vishal Phulpagar
Dearest Dr Khushboo,
Thank you for being Loving, Caring, Understanding, Gentle and most of all "A Wonderful Doctor". You are the Best :)
Sorriso Dental care... A wonderful Dental clinic in Bandra. Dr. Amit you were wonderful... Thank you so much... Guys just go there for any dental probs the lovely docs there will make you feel goooooooood
Mrs Ruki Char Parekh
Excellent clinic! The way Dr Khushboo manages kids is amazing. My kid happily allows her to do all what I wonder he would never allow anyone to do. Excellent way of handling kids Dr Khushboo.
Mr Vishal Saraf
Great place for kids and adults alike. Beautifully designed with two wonderful doctors. Kids will love the playroom and won`t want to go back home.
Dr Kunal
Experience was fantastic. Lovely working culture.
Mr Bhavesh Kapadia
Dear Dr Amit,
Very good response, giving confidence to the patient.
Mrs Kalpana
Dear Dr Amit,
Feels like I walked into a spa. Great experience!!!
Mr Gobind Bansal

About Us

Sorriso Dental Care is a highly advanced multispecialty dental centre situated in Bandra West, the heart of western suburbs. Housed in a peaceful location with ample parking facility, our clinic offers the desired seclusion to the patient.

The value positioning of the clinic is that it caters to all the age groups and provides contemporary offerings in dental care in a relaxed and a pleasant environment. A unique combination of professionals with clinical expertise and state of art technology provides you with a personalised dental experience that is both pain free and aesthetic.

With our patient centric approach, not only do we look after a set of teeth but also cater to each individual keeping in mind his/her priorities and expectations.

At Sorriso, your health and comfort being our top priorities, we follow strict sterilization protocols and ensure high standards of quality dental care.

Encompassing these ideas and the fact that Sorisso means "smiles" in Italian was born the brand identity for Sorisso. The identity brings together shapes which represent smiles of different ages placed together to visually suggest the comprehensive 360 degree approach offered by our clinic.

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